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 "I enjoyed the guided tours I took with you, very informational. Grazie mille! ".
Leonor Montecillo Ostonal, Canada
Leonor in Lucca

"The Chianti trip was very good. Cheers Helen!!”.
Helen, England.

Helen in Chianti

"Having Francesco as a personal tour guide was invaluable. Tuscan born, and with a vast knowledge of the area and ancient history, made each tour an educational experience, you would not get from a group guided tour. Visiting places like Montecatini Alto, Vinci, Lucca, just to mention a few, were off the beaten track not taken by organized tours, proved to be highlights of my stay. A full immersion into Tuscan customs, history, life style, and of course the Tuscan scenery, particularly the view from the Vinci Tower, will be lasting memories for me. Thank you so much Francesco, an invaluable experience".
Lance Thomas, Australia
Panorama in Vinci
Lance in San Gimignano

"The tour that I did with Francesco in Chianti was wonderful, amazing!"
Ellisa Yang, Taiwan
Ellisa and Francesco in Radda, Chianti

"I did two guided tours with Francesco: the "Castels Tour" and the "Chianti tour", and I must say that they were fantastic!"
Colleen, USA
Colleen in Cozzile, Castels Tour

"I loved the tour to Lucca with Francesco!"
Jane Gillespie, Australia
Jane in Lucca

"The excursions, that I did with Francesco, were a wonderful experience that I will treasure for many years to come"
Nouzha Swimelar, USA
Nouzha in Cinque terre
Corniglia, Cinque Terre