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Pinocchio tour

“Pinocchio Tour”consists of the visit to the Park of Pinocchio, close to Collodi, the birthplace of  Carlo Lorenzini, the author of the book about the famous puppet. Inaugurated in 1956, the Pinocchio Park ( is no ordinary theme park, but rather a precious masterpiece created by artists of great character working together. The literary itinerary, marked out by mosaics, buildings and sculptures set amidst the greenery, emerges from an inspired combination of art and nature. The tour continues with the visit at Butterfly House, a splendid greenhouse-building of stone and crystal, housing a lush tropical garden with nearly a thousand butterflies from all over the world. Finally we will see Garzoni Villa, with the historic Garzoni Garden, one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Cost: 90€

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